Duchess Lattimore From Black Ink Crew is now a ..Stripper??

Shay Sherelle’s  Check In!

So the Ihateheronline.com crew has run into Duchess and Ceasar on many a Charolette visits and apperances at clubs.Idk if her and Cease and still together but if she is still at black ink crew he need s to up her pay! With that being said the checks must not be good enough for Miss Duchess because she decided to flex her tats and rumpcakes all over King of Diamonds Strip Club in MIami.

And that is reportedly her first time. She danced for NBA Baller Derek Rose and Floyd Mayweather.

She even had Flyers made so this had to be serious. Maybe it was on her bucket list??

One thought on “Duchess Lattimore From Black Ink Crew is now a ..Stripper??

  1. “Duchess Lattimore From Black Ink Crew is now a ..Stripper?
    ? | News Gossip Video Blogs” was a terrific blog. However, if it possessed alot more photographs it would likely be even a
    lot better. All the best -Gertrude

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